From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Welcome to another Stewardship Journal!

How old is the newest building at your church? The answer for most churches is years. With this edition of the Stewardship Journal, we are launching a month-long series on building projects and how to fund them. In this edition, our team interviews Pastor Dennis Gard of Central Eureka about their building plans. The post is entitled The Central Baptist Story.

Here is a preview of the rest of the Stewardship Journal.

Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, begins a series on church building and capital campaigns with a post entitled Making the Case for Capital Dollars. Mark has a perspective of being a Senior SBC pastor for over twenty years as well as a capital campaign strategist for nearly twenty-five years. He uses that knowledge to share the current state of church buildings in America and the process by which we raise the funds for those buildings. We feel this series will be a key guide for our pastors as they consider future projects.

This week’s Bonus Section carries on the theme of buildings and fundraising with a post entitled How Long Does It Take to Hold a Capital Campaign? The title sums up what the post is about, practical advice on the timing of your next campaign.

We believe that churches that take two minutes or less to set up the offering always raise more money than those who downplay the offering time. Each week we offer you talks to help connect your vision to the offering. This week’s Mission and Ministry offering section is a great one as we head into summer. It is entitled Yes, We Do Talk About Money Here. The talk allows you to focus on summer missions and ministry opportunities showing people how giving at your church does make a difference.

We pray you find this edition helpful. At one time or another, all of us will find the need to renovate, rebuild or refresh our facilities. We want the Stewardship Journal to be your go-to source of information and knowledge on how you can successfully build and update your property for better Kingdom use.

Thanks again for opening and reading the Stewardship Journal. Remember, if you know of someone that would like to receive the Journal, please send them this link for easy signup

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