From the Desk of Our Executive Director

From the Desk of Our Executive Director

Welcome to another Stewardship Journal!

“Effective fund-raising churches refuse to treat all people as equals,” is a quote from George Barna that opens up our lead post entitled The Value of Segmenting Your Donors. The article sets the stage for this edition of the Stewardship Journal that focuses on how to rally your leaders first to support not only giving but any major new initiative.

Here is a preview of the rest of the Stewardship Journal.

Winning the Parking Lot Vote is Mark Brooks’, The Stewardship Coach, post on the importance of getting your leaders on board before you move forward with key initiatives. I believe you will find this post instructive and informative about building a process to help you cast your vision first to your leaders and then to the congregation.

This week’s Bonus Section is entitled Leadership Summit Outline. The post shows a real outline of a leadership meeting that a SBC church recently held to announce a new building project. This section will give you an idea of the flow of leadership meetings so you can design your own.

This week’s Mission and Ministry focus again is on recurring giving and is entitled Vacation Planning. We are recommending that May be used as a push for recurring giving and this talk will help you motivate members to sign up.

As always, I want to say how much we appreciate your support and input in the Stewardship Journal. We look forward to helping you increase your giving to increase your missions and ministry.

Remember, if you know of someone that would like to receive the Journal, please send them this link for easy signup

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