From My Desk to Yours

From My Desk to Yours

Do you have a plan to head off the traditional decline in giving as a result of the 4th of July? Don’t worry. With this edition of the Stewardship Journal, we have a plan for you! In this edition of the Journal, we are taking a break from the focus on capital campaigns to help you prepare for the 4th. Here is a preview of the contents of this issue.

As always, Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, starts us out with a post entitled The 4th of July Giving Coach. Mark writes, “I believe that every holiday gives us an opportunity to communicate a compelling message that will lead people to give to your church. One of the great seasonal opportunities is the 4th of July. However, if you don’t have a plan, the 4th can be disastrous for your offering.” Mark then proceeds to give you a step-by-step plan of action that will lead to an increase in giving.

If you doubt the need for a 4th of July special offering, read Mark’s Bonus Section entitled The Case for Special Offerings. He lays out the major reasons why every church should consider some type of plan for the times of the year when Holidays can present a giving challenge for churches.

Our final post is entitled Half Time for Giving. The post begins with this, We’re now halfway through the year, and it’s time to assess the state of giving in your church. Are you meeting your budgeted needs, or are you falling behind?” If you are falling behind, or you want to avoid falling behind, this post will help you reverse any declines.

All three of this week’s posts are designed to give you practical and easy steps you can take to make this 4th of July one of your best-giving 4ths ever!

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There will be no Stewardship Journal next week! Our next edition will go out on July 8th.

In Jesus’ name!

Dr. Shawn Parker

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