From My Desk to Yours

From My Desk to Yours

You survived another Easter! Sometimes, pastors and staff can feel that way after all the hustle and bustle of the last week. My prayer is that you will get some much-needed downtime. One thing I have found helpful during my downtimes is reading thought-provoking material. So, while I pray you get some rest, we do have what we feel is valuable information to prepare you for the summer months ahead. Here is a preview of this edition of the Stewardship Journal.

Mark Brooks, The Stewardship Coach, continues his series on the various lanes of stewardship needed to build a culture of generosity with his column entitled The Generosity Lane: Using Gratitude to Increase Generosity. He gives five key post-Easter strategies, one of which is expressing gratitude to those who gave on Easter. Mark’s Five Keys is a great day after Easter; read it. It’s well worth your time!

How? Do you ever think or ask that after reading an article? Every Stewardship Coach column is followed by a Bonus Section that tells you how to do whatever the column recommends. This week’s Bonus Section is no different. It’s entitled Key Pointers for Expressing Gratitude. Here, you will find practical ideas on how you can express gratitude.

Have you started planning for summer yet? What about summer camp? You are going, right? Our final post is a Baptist Press re-post entitled 5 Reasons Pastors Should Attend Summer Camp. It is written by Kyle Cravens, who serves as team leader and camp coordinator for FUGE Camps. We believe that it is good stewardship of a pastor’s time to spend time with tomorrow’s giving leaders. If you haven’t blocked off summer camp on your calendar yet, this post will have you changing that soon.

Thank you once again for reading the Stewardship Journal. Our mission with this newsletter is to give you and your team the practical help you need to be financially sustainable. Why? Because your mission is too important not to be fully funded!

In Jesus’ name!

Dr. Shawn Parker

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