Five Fundamental Keys on How to Receive the Offering

Five Fundamental Keys on How to Receive the Offering

If you are a golfer, you know the importance of the fundamentals. It starts with a good grip on the club. If you want to improve, you get a coach who can help make the adjustments needed to make your game more effective. Consider me your Stewardship Coach, giving you the basics of stewardship. Let me summarize my advice for building a foundation for the offering with these five fundamental keys on how to receive the offering.

  1. Give the offering equal priority as the announcements: equal planning time and equal platform time.
  2. Plan out each and every offering. Always! I offer almost 500 talks to help you make the offering worshipful and impactful. I call them Missions and Ministry Moments. Telling the story of how you are changing the world one life at a time and inviting people to support you is the door to increasing giving and givers. We must do both.
  3. Make it easy for people to give in their favorite way. With today’s technology, the offering plate is open 24/7. My sponsor,,, provides ten-plus ways for people to give, from Crypto to text giving. The easier you make it for people to give, the more apt they are to give.
  4. Never, ever forget that the offering is worship. Why don’t we make it worshipful instead of killing it, hiding it, ignoring it? What could your team do with all that creativity they possess if they saw the offering not as an intrusion upon their time but as what it is: worship? As I stated in my main post, I firmly believe it is not that we ask for money that turns people off. It is how we ask. Guilt never works. Let’s change the offering time by making it better.
  5. Make the “Ask” and Stop Apologizing! Look in that camera’s eye and into your people’s eyes, smile, and make the “ask!” Look, I get I’m the money guy. But think about what you are asking them to do. You are asking them to join you in worshipping God with our gifts. You are asking them to help you make a difference in the lives of others with their generosity. You are helping them receive a blessing from God that will help them establish financial security in their lives. Let’s invite everyone to join us in worship through the offering and stop wasting time telling people they don’t have to give. Like they can’t figure that out? Stop apologizing for the offering, and you will see your offerings go up!

That’s it. Do these five things every week in some fashion. Think and plan it out across all platforms. Each week. Why?

Because the easiest, quickest, and frankly most enjoyable way to increase giving is by taking your offering time to the next level.

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