End-of-Year Plan Planning Overview

End-of-Year Plan Planning Overview

December 31 will be here before you know it. The time to plan for end-of-year giving is now. The sooner you start your planning, the more effective your end-of-year giving results will be. Let’s get started! If followed, this basic plan of action will greatly increase your end-of-year giving.

The Three Major Elements of a Successful End-of-Year Appeal – Professionals use this formula for making appeals…

Crisis – I want my donors to know about… What crisis can your end-of-year appeal help meet?

Need – We can help by… What need will help meet that crisis? For instance, the crisis might be homelessness in your community. The need might be blankets, food, etc.

Ask – Your gift NOW will help us meet this need!

October Planning – Using the above points, begin thinking, planning, and praying. Finalize what you will appeal to and what the message of the “ask” will be. Establish a basic timeline and assign responsibilities for each task. Here are some basic thoughts for you to think through.

  • Deciding what your “ask” will be. Determine where you need the money the most, which is what the appeal needs to focus on.
  • Craft the story behind the “ask.” Every “ask” or appeal must have what I call a driver behind it. In other words, what will drive or motivate me to give you more money?
  • Be positive! You might be way behind on giving, but you want your donors to want to give, not feel like they must give.
  • Make the appeal not about reaching some number but advancing the Kingdom.
  • Make it personal. Share the stories of life-change you have seen in the past year to motivate giving.
  • Focus on one thing, not multiple things.
  • Make it easy for them to contribute.
  • Get your tools ready to support your end-of-year appeal.

My goal for you is to raise at least one week’s worth of offerings for your church! Get started now!

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