Direct USPS Mail Appeal Sample – Send before June 1st.

Direct USPS Mail Appeal Sample – Send before June 1st.

The following letter will be sent to your leaders, informing them of the summer offering push. Edit the following to best suit your message. You could also adapt this for an email.

Dear _____________,

While we might not have all been back on campus, CHURCH NAME has been active, thanks to the generosity of people like you! During perhaps the most challenging time in our history, the CHURCH NAME family has risen to meet these challenges!

Because of the faithful generosity of our members, we have been able to: (Insert your examples)

  • Provide caring for families in need, including many of our single moms and hurting families in financial need during this season of COVID,
  • Continue our Serve days throughout the summer within our community, being the hands and feet of Jesus!
  • Provide the funding needed for our new “multi-site” Church with three campuses.

Thank you, NAME Church, for helping make all of the above and MUCH more possible!

We have an exciting summer of missions and ministry ahead! We have so much more to do as we prepare for our mission to continue this summer. Consider these challenges of need: (Insert your own needs)

  • We will be holding a virtual and live VBS this year. Your generosity helps assure VBS’s success!
  • List any outside mission endeavors, etc.
  • We are passionate about raising NextGen leaders for CHURCH NAME and the Kingdom. Your gifts can make this happen!

These challenges are an opportunity for our Church to step up and continue being the hands and feet of Jesus!

I wanted to alert you that we will be starting a countdown of the 15 Offerings of Summer. We have a $XXX, XXX goal to fund all our summer work. That comes out to $XX, XXX a week. Each week we will highlight how generosity fuels our mission and ministry throughout the summer. Our goal is to keep everyone motivated to be generous. Through all of our platforms, from social media to the platform in the worship center, you will see and hear a positive message connecting the 15 Offerings of Summer to the mission we believe God has called us to.

Recurring giving is one key way we are working to fully fund this summer. If you have not already, please take the time to sign up for automated giving at our giving page

Let’s pray that the 15 Offerings of the 2022 summer will be the best to the glory of God!


Pastor Mark

P.S.  The enclosed envelope is one of many ways by which you can give. Save this for when you are on vacation!

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