An Interview with Dr. Ronnie Floyd

An Interview with Dr. Ronnie Floyd

Mark Brooks – Dr. Floyd, we wanted to interview you about the launch of your new website and podcast. Can you share with us what readers and listeners can expect through the site and podcast? Also, share what led you to start this endeavor and what your hopes are for it.

Dr. Floyd – Mark, thank you for the privilege of sharing this vision, website, and podcast with you and others. In this time of transition, we have sought the Lord deeply. For decades, the Lord has opened doors for me to give my life to investing, inspiring, and influencing leaders from all spheres of leadership. While I am completely open to God’s leadership in my life and willing to do whatever he wills for me to do in the future, I know right now that one of the best ways I can serve is to invest, inspire, and influence other leaders. For Leaders is committed to investing, inspiring, and influencing leaders from all spheres of leadership. When people go to, they will discover multiple resources for them. The For Leaders Podcast with Ronnie Floyd is released each Wednesday on all podcast platforms, including YouTube and on our website. Periodically, we will also add other podcasts or YouTube moments that will be brief but will speak about things that are unfolding on that very day.

Mark – Dr. Floyd, in your opening podcast, you honestly and very frankly share your journey of attempting to find God’s direction in your life. In that podcast, you pose the question,

“What to do when you don’t know what to do, and where to go when you don’t know where to go.” If we ministers were honest, we would have many days like that. Can you here boil down the advice you would give to pastors and staff who today are asking questions?

Dr. Floyd – Go to God! Talking to God should be our highest priority, not our last resort. When we read God’s Word and listen to God speak to us through it, the peace of God comes. When we talk to God, in time, the Lord calms our life and assures us with his peace and power. Transitions, problems, and trials are real. They come in all shapes, kinds, and colors. Nothing will test us in life like a crisis. Therefore, when these moments come, they are real, and we come face to face with how we will respond to them. So, then the question comes: “Will we trust God and his plan for our lives or not?”

Mark – Dr. Floyd, you mentioned in your podcast about your new book, Day by Day and Night by Night: 365 Morning & Evening Devotions for Leaders. How important is a pastor’s personal time with God, and how does spending time with Him relate back to the question of what to do when you don’t know what to do?

Dr. Floyd – Mark, Day by Day and Night by Night, experiencing the presence of God, is the #1 biblical and spiritual principle God has taught me the last eighteen months of my life. This book will give people the Word of God daily and the spiritual truth that will empower them to walk with God daily. It will be an encouraging investment into their lives or others they give it to, all done in about two to four minutes daily. For the pastor, doing something this devotion daily is the beginning; it is not the end! Pastors must begin their day with God in deep prayer and reading through the Bible. I believe three components are critical in a time with God:

  • Praying through a prayer list daily.
  • Reading through the Scripture daily.
  • Writing in a spiritual journey daily.

Pastors, begin to give at least your first hour of each day to God. When you do, God will change your life and ministry. This hour is not your sermon preparation; it is about your personal walk with God each day.

Mark – Dr. Floyd, we are the Stewardship Journal and most think only of money when the topic of stewardship comes up. Yet, biblical stewardship embraces many aspects of life, including our time. For many pastors, time is a much more precious commodity than money. What would you say to pastors and staff on the overall stewardship of our lives and why that is important for a leader, both personally and also pastorally?

Dr. Floyd – You have one shot with your life. Give it your best! Do not squander one minute of it. People need Jesus, and people need Jesus now. Begin your day early and begin your day with God. Additionally, following your personal time with God, give your mornings to God for sermon preparation, followed by strategic planning and details, then leading you into a time for personal exercise and wellness. While you are doing it, listen to a podcast or two that will inspire you, encourage you, or educate you about something, even if it is something fun, like a sport. Then, prepare yourself for the rest of the day, and then make your first public appointment on your workdays by meeting with people over a luncheon. Then, go to the office, meet with staff or lay leaders, and always be aware and alert to minister to those who need ministry. Then, spend your time in the late afternoon and nights with your family and invest in them. Also, take Friday off each week, because Saturday, usually by 3:00 PM or so, you begin to move into a final preparation mode mentally and spiritually. Finally, on Sundays, give it all you have. Be with the people. Speak to them, hang out with them, and be alert to people you can pray for or lead to Christ. Be one of the last people to leave the church. Be present where you are. Give it your all.

Mark – So, Dr. Floyd, what is on your heart today about pastors?

Dr. Floyd – Pastors, lead! Pastors, grow! Pastors, pray! Pastors, preach the Bible! Pastors, preach the Bible with courage! Pastors speak to the issues before our nation and world today! Pastors, take the gospel to your town or city! Pastors, strategize how your church will take the gospel everywhere, to everyone! Pastors, all your people up in spiritual growth, financial stewardship, and fulfilling the Great Commission! Pastors, lead, pray, preach, and evangelize with urgency! Pastors, say this, believe this, preach this, and live like you believe it: Jesus is coming soon!

Mark – Thanks, Brother Ronnie! For those interested in more about Dr. Floyd’s new podcast and other leadership help, go to his website at

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